Paper flower-making, the Cirque du Soleil, Paisleys, Lapidaries, and Ceramics (Ancient Nubian, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Roman and Islamic) – 7 half-term activities enjoyed by children and young people!

Just finished an exhilarating week of activities with our Young Adventurers, Young Explorers and Young Activists, with Young Citizen support! Aratrust Young Adventurers (aged 3-5) Aratrust Young Adventurers had great fun creating lots of pretty flowers with paper, markers, scissors and glue and showing them to the other children! Aratrust Young Explorers (aged 5-10) and […]

Aratrust Young Activists and Young Explorers learning about the Holocaust

Young Activists and some of our older Young Explorers spent one of their weekly sessions looking at the Holocaust Memorial Day website  and discussing what they read.  They learnt about the rise of Hitler and the racist Nazi Aryan ideology and anti-semitism, Kristallnachte, how the Nazis eliminated their opponents one group at a time, […]

Xmas 2020 – Aratrust launches a new children’s activities group – the inquisitive and stimulating ‘Young Adventurers’ group!

This week, Aratrust has just launched ‘Young Adventurers’, an activities group for pre-school children. Supported by their parents and some of our ‘Young Activists’ (secondary school age group), Young Adventurers from diverse backgrounds used white card, felt tips, scissors and string to make beautiful Christmas Tree decorations! This is Aratrust’s youngest children’s and young people’s […]

The Kanneh-Mason family – inspiring role models!

The fabulous Kanneh-Masons are a family of seven brothers and sisters aged 10 to 23, all of whom play either the violin, piano or cello. All the children currently attend or have attended London’s Royal Academy of Music and its Primary and Junior Academies. The family have gone onto great things winning many prizes and […]

HM Government listens once more to the nation’s heroic Marcus Rashford!

Marcus Rashford

Despite a negative parliamentary vote recently, the government has now responded positively to Marcus Rashford’s School Holiday Free School Meals campaign by pledging over £400 million to support Britain’s poorest children. The government will provide a £170 million package of support with at least 80% of the funding earmarked to provide help with food and […]

Aratrust’s children’s and young people’s activities

Since 1996 aratrust has been providing activities for children and young people including performing arts, international youth and drama camps, seminars, discussions, visits to parks of historical or environmental importance, museums, art galleries, and now, virtual visits. Over the last 10 years aratrust has worked with primary school children and their parents, building up term-time […]

Young Explorers Half-Term Virtual Space Visit at the Science Museum

For our 2nd virtual visit at the Science Museum we focused on the Science of Space. We learnt about what astronauts do in space, how you can become an astronaut, and the different kinds of scientists that work in space. We learnt about some famous cosmonauts including three inspiring women called Valentina Tereshkova, the first […]

Young Explorers Half-Term Virtual Medical Science & Technology Visit at the Science Museum

An Apothecary’s Balance

Our 3rd Half-Term virtual session covered the Science of Health & Medicine. During the visit we learnt about what traditional objects people believed would cure them from illness and disease such as Amulets, famous doctors and nurses including the inspirational Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale, and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. We saw how these determined women struggled […]

Young Explorers Half-Term Virtual Engineering Visit at the Science Museum

Engineering inspiration with Black Panther’s Princess Shuri

Our first virtual Half-Term visit to the Science Museum was to see and discuss different Engineering exhibitions and fascinating objects from all over the world, invented over many centuries. We saw ancient devices for telling the time, before there were clocks and watches and mobiles. These included: a Chinese Incense Clock, time-telling incense sticks, and […]

Aratrust’s Half-Term virtual visits to the Science Museum

Mae Jemison, first black woman in space. (1992 NASA)

After many years of organising very successful physical visits for this age group to museums, parks of historic and/or environmental importance, and art galleries, our Young Activists (aged 11 – 17) and Young Citizens (aged 18 – 29) decided to organise aratrust’s first virtual visits. We focused on the Science Museum’s Engineering, Space, and Medical […]