The football community’s 3-day social media boycott against growing online racism

social media boycott against growing online racism

English football clubs from the major leagues, including the Premier League and EFL (English Football League Championship), held a three-day social media boycott in a show of solidarity against growing online racism. Support for the boycott The blackout, involving the suspension of all social media accounts, also included Kick It Out, Women in Football, the […]

What the Sharpeville Massacre and Apartheid mean to 4 young people growing up ………

Remember Sharpville

The Sharpeville Massacre 21st March 1960 The Sharpeville massacre occurred when a crowd of between 5,000–7,000 black people protested at the police station in the Black township of Sharpeville, near Vereeniging, South Africa on March 21, 1960 against racist ‘pass laws’ which restricted their ability to move around freely in their own country. The Apartheid […]

Reflections on the Evil of Racism and Humanity’s Freedom-loving Spirit and unending Resistance


Racial Discrimination                          I ask myself          Why is there Racial Discrimination?  We are all children of the Human Race.         Then why are we restricted, excluded or even hated against each other? Is it due to the colour of our skin?           Surely that colour is there due to Mother Nature protecting us! Protecting […]

Bernardine Evaristo: highly acclaimed author of 8 books challenging racism!

Bernardine Evaristo

Bernardine Evaristo is the multiple award-winning British author of eight books and numerous other works spanning a variety of genres, including novels, poetry, short stories, and theatre drama, predominantly exploring aspects of the African Diaspora. She wrote two critically-acclaimed novels, including Lara (1997), set in multicultural Roman London in the 3rd century CE and tracing […]

16 Aratrust Supporters give personal evidence of ethnic disparities to the Government and call for change in schooling, employment, health and policing


Long-held discriminatory attitudes, behaviours and practices, descending mainly from attempts to justify colonialism and slavery, are sadly still embedded at all levels and in all aspects of our society including all levels of government, public services, the state, the media, culture, ideology, entertainment, health, education, the armed forces and employment…….. Click below to see our […]

Diversity’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ BLM Performance

The award-winning dance group Diversity performed a powerful and emotive Black Lives Matter routine in the first “Britain’s Got Talent” semi-finals. As part of the routine, a dancer, dressed as a police officer, knelt on the neck of Ashely Banjo to re-enact the tragic and shocking death of George Floyd in May which sparked the […]

21st March 2020 – UN Day For the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

The Anti-Racist Alliance Trust (aratrust) sends GREETINGS to all ANTI-RACIST organisations and individuals challenging Racism and working for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The General Assembly of the United Nations restates that all human beings should be treated equally in dignity and rights and should constructively contribute to the growth and welfare of their communities. […]