Unity Diversity Respect


Reflections on the Evil of Racism and Humanity’s Freedom-loving Spirit and unending Resistance

Racial Discrimination

                         I ask myself

         Why is there Racial Discrimination?

 We are all children of the Human Race.

        Then why are we restricted, excluded or even hated against each other?

Is it due to the colour of our skin?

          Surely that colour is there due to Mother Nature protecting us!

Protecting us from what?

          Lol, from the dangerous Sun’s UV rays of course!

Then, is it because of our Culture?

         Surely that is made by humans, past and present, about how to survive on our birth land situated on this planet.

Then is it because of our Religion?

        Surely we all pray to one at the end, the almightily God with many names.

All religions preach to work hard to earn an honest living,

Be humble, help and love each other, basically to treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

          Oh Human Race, then why don’t you do that?

Is it the Wealth and Literacy on your motherland causing you to discriminate over others?

           Surely our Planet has given us all this Wealth equally with our Brain to capture the knowledge from our rich environment!

Yet selfish Humans, you fight to gain more from each other so that you can dominate over one another.

          Oh, Human Race, do not destroy yourself and your gift of this planet Earth given by the almighty Universe!

Otherwise it will end up destroying YOU ALL L


Le racisme ne donne pas de valeur à la vie et les personnes perdent l’esprit de cette dernière.

Non au racisme!

Pas de discrimination raciale!

The life-long resistance of an awe-inspiring woman:  Harriet Tubman

Rush child rush
Bore upon a willow tree
Now you’re going to grow up to set them free

Rush child rush
Minty God Almighty got a plan for you
Folk will help you
From all forms of persecution

Rush child rush
Your back maybe broken
Overworked on the plantation

Minty your slavery cause you to be lynched I saw you still laying in pain on the wagon

And the Lord returned you back to your family whose mama tended your welts on mama’s babies back

Minty you were tender age of 12
Mr Brodas, your master, hired you out to work on plantations

Deep deep down in the South, you learnt about the Underground Railroad, quietly and whispering softly about the moving slaves place to place to ultimately their freedom The North

Shhh! But it was intense and dangerous, you had to choose wisely to trust white folk

Minty you lay unconscious for months, for protecting a slave that was struck by a brick that left a huge scar on the centre of your head

Minty you were honoured by your fellow plantation slaves, by the bravery you once had shown for this you were renamed Harriet

Harriet you re learnt to walk and speak again and when you would faint you would have vivid visions upon waking

Rush Harriet Rush
Harriet studies bird calls, noises in the forest, reading the skies, geographical maps, local towns and rivers

Quaker How did you find me?

Iram Woolley

Οιφυλετικέςδιακρίσειςαποτελούνμίασμαγιαόληντηνανθρωπότητα. Αςπάρουμετηναπόφασησήμερανααγωνιστούμεμεόλομαςτοείναιναεξαληψουμεαυτότομίασμααπότοπρόσωποτηςυφηλίου.

‘Ziua internationala de eliminare a discriminarii rasiale’ de anul acesta readuce in atentie importanta educatiei pentru drepturile omului in randurile tinerilor.

21 Martie 2021 propune un dublu exercitiu – de memorie si de constientizare a pericolelor izvorate din intoleranta, ura, discriminarea bazata pe originea etnica sau credinta religioasa.

Aceasta zi este si o ocazie de a intelege responsabilitatea ce revine fiecarei persoane de a actiona cu respect si de a gasi resurse individuale si colective in sprijinul diversitatii.

Astfel, tinerii sunt invitati sa ia atitudine impotriva discriminarii și a rasismului, dar, mai ales, sa devina, prin puterea exemplului personal, mesageri ai solidaritatii umane.


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