The Anti-Racist Alliance Trust submission to the Labour Party’s review of reasons for the disproportionate Covid-19 deaths amongst the BAME communities

Who we are The Anti-Racist Alliance Trust (aratrust), a charitable company, was set up in 2000 by Harrow Anti-Racist Alliance, a voluntary organisation, inaugurated by about 100 people overwhelmingly of minority-ethnic heritage in 1993. It is ethnic-minority led. Aratrust has maintained and extended this diversity amongst its Board Members, Supporters, children’s and youth groups, and […]

Aratrust’s Statement on Health and Safety

This statement is being published in line with aratrust’s charitable objective of improving public health. The statement aims to make workers aware of (i) their legal rights regarding health and safety, and (ii) ways to persuade employers, if necessary, to recognise workers’ rights and respond positively and effectively. Please note: aratrust believes that the following information is correct at the time of publishing […]